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Sinapi Aba Launches Fourth Edition of Mentorship Program

Sinapi Aba launched the fourth edition of its flagship program,” Women Mentorship” at a grand ceremony held in Kumasi.

About 300 clients are enrolled in this program. Though the Mentorship program focuses on improving female entrepreneurial abilities, it is worth noting that this edition of the program accepted 9 male entrepreneurs.
The Mentorship Program is an SME business development initiative that seeks to empower female entrepreneurs with a 6-month intensive free business peer coaching aimed at creating more resilient and economic transformation to improve the clients' lives. 
These women, after a careful selection process paired with already established entrepreneurs (Mentors) who are successful in their line of business to coach the clients on how to run successful businesses through practical teaching approaches.

About Sinapi Aba

Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans is a new company born out of Sinapi Aba Trust. It is a Non-Banking Financial Institution licensed under the Non-Bank Financial institutions Act 2008(Act 774), authorized to carry on the business of Savings and Loans on the 28th of March, 2013 in Ghana. All loan and savings activities that were previously managed by the Trust are new under the care of the savings and loans company.